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Termite Control

Good riddance to all your pest problems
The employment of different methods that prevent insects, which cause human harm, form infesting is known as pest control. Pest control is a method that is as old as agriculture. In the past, pest control was only done for agricultural purposes. The most usual ways of pest control in the past was burning or ploughing under of weeds and killing oflarge pest like birds or sparrows. During the 18th and 19th century, after the advent of industrialization, the use of chemical pesticides became an effective and a very popular method for pest control. The boost to the popularity of chemical pesticides was further increased by the late 20th century due to the discovery and introduction of various synthetic insecticides.

Every home owner around the world, at one point of his or her lifetime, has to fight the problem of pests like rodents and insects. But, they shouldn’t be too much worried about these pests. To prevent infestation, there are quite a few time-proven tips which they can use. These tips are – 

• Use a mixture of borax and sugar to keep ants away. To prepare this mixture, you need to mix a cup of sugar and borax. Sprinkle this mixture around your house and inside your house. The sugar will attract the ants and the borax will kill them

• You can also sprinkle this borax and sugar mixture in kitchens and bathroom cabinets so as to prevent cockroach infestation

• If you have no insect spray, you can always use hair spray to kill flying insects like bees, wasps and hornets

• Vacuum rugs before spraying them with insect spray so has to combat problem of fleas

• Stagnant water anywhere around your home will likely be a breeding place for mosquitos. Clean away stagnant water immediately

• Put poison in deep holes or cracks and seal it with steel wool or scouring pads and thus prevent infestation of rats and other rodents

• A hole in wooden furniture doesn’t necessarily mean termite damage. As termites only like to eat softer part of the wood, they leave behind annual rings. You can spray a little bit of insect killer in these holes to poison these insects

• Since carpenter rats are especially fond of damp and wet wood, you should always check windowsills and water pipes for leaks. If you find any, immediately seal them up

• If you notice that our house is being infected with centipedes, it is usually an indication that there are also other pests in your home as these creatures like to feed on other bugs

• If you are living in an apartment or a flat, any measure you take for pest control is virtually ineffective in the long run as pests can travel from one building to another. So, the whole building must be treated at one time.

These are all but temporary solutions for pest control. If you want the best and permanent forms of pest control, then you should get in touch with the expert terminators at Pest Control Noida. You will get a one stop solution for all your pest problems and prevent further infestation in the future.

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Lead a comfortable pest-free life
Pests are insects and rodents that are seen as a detrimental hazard to a person’s health and welfare, economy and/or ecology and the regulation and management of them is known as pest control. The individual or group of individuals who are engaged in the business of getting rid of pest are known as exterminators. In lives of human beings, pest can become a huge unmanageable problem due to their direct interference. In many countries across the world, racoons tend to tear up open refuse sacks and scatter the refuses inside. To combat this problem, garbage bins with locked lids have been introduced. Seagulls, which live near seaside resorts, tend to engage in pest-like actions due to human action. What happens is tourist feed seagulls scraps of food and when the birds become dependent on this food source, they start acting aggressively towards humans.

If you have a persistent pest problem at your home, then you can employ the services of expert terminators at Pest Control Noida. The terminators will suggest the best way to get rid of you pest problem at home and offer permanent solutions at reasonable prices. For temporary relief, they have suggested a few tips which can be used – 

• If you have spilled any sort of liquid on the floor, clean it up immediately using soap and water as antsmight get attracted to the liquid and at least once a week, clean the entire flooring of your house

• Clean your kitchen floors at least twice a week because it becomes quite dirty due to food items being cooked there. The food items which fall on the floor can attract all sort pests

• Take out trash cans from all over your home daily as if you keep it overnight, the organic items in there will become spoilt and attract flies, rats and cockroaches

•  If there are food and beverages kept outside the refrigerator, always keep them covered so that flies don’t fly above them and contaminate the food items

• If you have pets at home, if possible, try to clean them and give them a bath at least four to five times a week so as to combat ticks and various other outdoor and indoor pests

• If you see any cracks on wooden areas like baseboards, cabinets, window frames, etc., use caulk to seal them up as the cracks may breed termites which can spread to other wooden areas in the house before you know it

•Check boxes or bags which you bring form outside as it may sometimes, harbour pests or eggs of pests

•Keep the areas in your house, which are prone to getting very wet, dry all the time. Immediately fix leaks which comes to your notice as stagnant water may breed mosquito

•If you have a garden or some sort of horticultural area, which you own, near your house, spray the plants there with proper pesticides and insecticides

The problem with these tips is that they are just temporary solutions. If you want a permanent solution, then check out the various pest control services that are near your area. Choose one who will give the best and permanent solution to all your pest problems and also give further advice to prevent future infestation.

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