Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Control those bugs - get rid of them using pest control

What is a home? A place where you find ultimate peace. A place you can call your own. The comfort no other place can ever give you. 

How would you feel if someone invaded such a personal place of yours? 

That is what pests do. They invade your homes and make the place not worth living in. If proper measures are not taken then the homes will turn into something you hate to go to. It not only makes you feel uncomfortable but can actually make you sick or get injured.

There are various types of pests but among them a very notorious one is the Termite. They have the tendency to work in a hidden way which makes it even more dangerous as you won't be able to understand where and when the damage occurred unless the damage is already done.

Termites cause structural damage due to their wood attacking tendencies. They always attack the central portion of the furniture and you can only realize that an attack has taken place when you see marks on the outer periphery or when the object suddenly collapses due to failure of the internal structure.

There are a few small things that you can do in order to prevent your home from becoming a home for termites.

• Regular checkup of the house for not just termites but also other pests like rats, cockroaches, flies, lizards and other insects not only help to get rid of any existing problem but also help to prevent such damages in the future.

• Keeping the environment clean in an around the house is good for health and also a good way to keep pests at bay.

• Using repellents and getting rid of any infected plants in the garden are important actions.

In India, wooden items are very common in every household, thus the chances for attack is also very high. The need to be careful is a must and a very serious issue.

If an attack is detected then one should call the proper authorities regarding this. Pest Control Noida is highly recommended and can help you any kind of pest that is creating trouble at your home.

Pest control has several different ways for getting rid of pests, such as
• Mechanical
• Biological
• Physical
• Bait
• Breeding ground elimination
• Field burning
• Trap
• Pesticides
• Sterilization
and many more ways as well. 

However for extermination of termites there are two ways available - using pesticides or a poison bait. These two methods are followed by the experts.

A range of liquid pesticides are available for the extermination of termites which are used by the pest control organizations which are essentially sprayed in order to get rid of the termites. These are usually non-repellent as they kill the termites and prevent them from coming back. In the other method poisoned baits are used that are made of palatable products which attract termites. Since the poison is added to the material it kills termite easily without using a large amount of pesticides.

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